1. Mind , body & Medicine
Venue – Rabindra Bhawan,Patna.
Dated on-12/02/2017 ,Time- 9.30 am to 1 pm ,
2. Inner Peace & Inner Power
Dated on-12/02/2017 ,Time- 5 PM to 8 PM ,
Venue-S.K.Memorial Hall,Patna.
Speaker- BK.Shivani Behan,

Inner Peace & Inner Power minister

LaluPrasad Ji


Murli Class from Patna

Registration free but mandatory,Call-9473339844.9430253925.


11th Feb – 10.00AM
LIVE: Inner Peace & Inner Power By BK Shivani from PATNA at 5.00pm 12/02/2017

Sis.B.K.Shivani@ Patna

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